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About CITS

Founded in 1954, CITS is the largest and most influential enterprise group in China tourism industry

CITS owns 122 branches and sub-branch offices nationwide. CITS has set up a stable business relationship with 1,400 travel agencies from more than 100 countries. CITS is the only travel company on China’s Top 500 Enterprises list and ranks first in China’s inbound travel market.


About www.cits.net

www.cits.net, the official website of CITS inbound travel business, is the portal to all CITS products and China travel information. Tens of thousands of visitors seek professional and qualified travel-related service in China through cits.net each month.

Advertising with us on cits.net is a truly efficient way to target your potential customers from home and aboard. We provide a unique opportunity for sponsors concerning all aspects of the field:


Provincial and Municipal Tourism Administrations

Transportation (airlines, cruise companies, car rentals, etc)

Accommodations (hotels, apartments, guest houses, etc.)

Shopping (souvenir shops, markets,etc )

Food Service (Restaurants, café, etc)


Entertainment (live shows, bars, pubs, etc)


Why Us

Multi-language Market

Established in 1998, www.cits.net provides free and qualified travel information in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.


High Ranks on Global Search Engines

Our website ranks high on world’s major search engines, so we can easily be found by global visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and of our visitors are potential customers of travel-related businesses. Therefore, we can ensure you a good advertising effect.


Active in Social Networking on the Internet

We actively promote ourselves on the two largest SNS (social networking service) websites: Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly post China travel information to attract more visitors.


Category Position Size Quantity Price/per month
Price/per month
Home Bottom - left side 300X300 2 6,000 36,000
Bottom - right side 300X620 1 6,000 36,000
Bottom - text links - 1 7,500 45,000
Big banner 1920X580 1 5, 800 40,000
China Tours Bottom 1200X146 1 4,500 27,000
Deals Bottom 1200X146 1 4,500 27,000
Meetings &
Bottom 1200X146 1 4,500 27,000
Travel Guide Bottom 1200X146 1 4,500 27,000
China Travel News Bottom 1200X146 1 4,500 27,000
Campaign web
page design
- - - 6,000 each page 36,000 each page