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What, by company standards, constitutes one "page" of material? 
  Since WomensIssues.Org charges by the page, it's only fair that we properly define one "page." Pages contain an average of 225 words each and are produced in standard Courier New 12pt font with ordinary 2.0 line spacing. We do not practice any unusual pagination or font inflation techniques. WomensIssues.Org treats all of our student customers fairly with the expectation that you'll return again later on to place future orders and to refer all of your friends to our already popular service!

What if this site doesn't have any existing papers that relate to my particular women's studies topic? 
  If you've already checked out our menu of papers but haven't found anything appropriate enough to help you with your own report, just click the custom button to have us write something BRAND NEW instead! The customized assistance section of our site lets YOU tell us precisely what women's studies topic you're writing about...and enables you to provide us with your thesis or topic question so that the example we produce will be highly relevant to assisting you in writing your own paper.

What experience/backgrounds are possessed/shared by the company & its researchers/writers? 
is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, New Jersey. Since 1994, The Paper Store has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of students struggling to complete difficult term papers on a wide variety of topics not limited to Women's studies! Our staff of contracted researchers and writers contribute regularly to our database of essays & papers by performing customized research to help students with their own work. All of our writers possess advanced degrees in their fields and most have been working with the company for no less than 3 consecutive years! All of those weeks, months, and years of service add up to thousands of papers - a statistic that only further illustrates their vast experience helping college students succeed. To view abstracts for as many as 25,000 essays, reports, and papers completed over the years, just click the links button at the top of the page and select ANY of the many Paper Store sites on the resulting list!

How can I pay for the paper(s) I select?
   WomensIssues.Org is open 24 hours a day and accepts payments made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and check or money order! Cash payments are also accepted via Western Union's Quick Collect service from grocery and convenient stores around the world. In a word, our service is open to EVERYONE and there's hardly any method of payment we don't accept! For a complete list of payment options and instructions for each, check out our easy-to-follow, on-line order forms...



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